My profile

Tristan Skalski

My name is Tristan Skalski, I graduated from the Suntaya school  of massages and wellness in Britany in 2010, and from the Old medecine thaï massage school in Thailand.

I practiced in different hotels like the five-star Le Grand Hôtel des Thermes Marins  de Saint Malo in 2011, I also worked as a private masseur in the South of France in 2012, and had also the opportunity to practice on the eastern and western coasts of Australia in 2013.

I have setteled in Cannes since 2014 and have had the chance to work at Thermes Marins de Cannes and to finish 4th at the Best Spa Practitioner France in 2015.

I am currently managing the spa in the four-star hotel La Bastide de l’Oliveraie in Cannes and provide home massages for various events.

My job

Above all it consists in bringing you a pure moment of relaxation, a break from everything, where psychological and physical tireness soften; a moment out of time and out of your daily life.

This moment of relaxation starts right from the first encounter. Talking and listening is essential to the establishment of a mutual trust.

One of the first qualities that is very important to me is the love we bear for others, it is as important to me as my passion for massages.

A true wellness massage draws its efficiency from the exchange of energies that occurs during this time. It comes with the gift of self and the attention I bear to the body I am massaging.

This occupation is above all a passion. A massage is not insignificant, exposure and being touched by a stranger is not something that is easy for everyone, that is why respect is my mantra.

My commitments

  • Listening and respect

  • Tailor-made massages

  • Complete relaxation guaranteed