Kobido Massage

Facial Japanese Massage plumping, draining and relaxing

Duration : 45mn
Price : 70€

Californian Relaxing Massage

Its long and free-flowing movements, alternating with slow and tonic stages is the perfect combination to evacuate any daily stress.Il est parfait pour évacuer le stress du quotidien.

Duration : 60 | 90mn
Tarifs : 100 | 150€

Sport Massage

Tonic and going deeper into the muscle, it is the perfect after-effort massage.

Duration : 60 | 90mn
Price : 100 | 150€

Duo massage

Come enjoy this tailor-made massage with a friend or your partner.
Two masseurs being needed for this body care, you will be asked to book in advance.

Duration : 60 | 90mn
Price : 200 | 300€

Slimming Massage

Massage where we alternate draining, slimming and toning skills to reshape the body.

Duration : 50mn
: 80€

Foot Reflexology

Energy Massage where it stimulates the reflex points on the foot in order to reach a deep relaxation of body and mind.

Duration : 45mn
Price : 70€